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Neku Sakuraba | Harpy
1st changefeathers on elbows and wrists, claws, pointed ears | 6/28

2nd changefeathers on shoulders and knees, hollow bones, bird legs | 8/16
3rd changechange | date of change & thread link
4th changechange | date of change & thread link
5th changechange | date of change & thread link
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-Large, flight-capable wings based off of this bird
-Feathery hair that will slowly develop blue tips, will later be tri-colored black, orange, and blue
-Short tail (~knee length) with plumage matching that of his wings
-Digitigrade bird legs from the knee down
-Hollow bones
-Clawed hands

-Feathers on his elbows, wrists, knees, shoulders, and down his back between his wings and tail
-Pointed ears
-Avian eyes (though still human in general shape; still blue)


-Nesting instinct/desire to hang out in high places
-Desire to hunt animals, then humans


-Can call up powerful winds (tornado-force)
-Can turn into a normal bird
-Can predict weather patterns (25% chance of guessing when the next fog day will be, can predict regular weather up to a week in advance)
-Sharper eyesight
-Soothing singing voice (doesn't know it yet, might not find out for a while)


-Lightning and electricity
-More vulnerable in bird form
-Need to hunt humans for food once in a while


Jun. 8th, 2015 03:26 pm
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How's My Driving?
Any questions/comments/complains about how I'm playing Neku? Let me know!

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Jun. 1st, 2015 05:30 pm
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Name: Daimon
Contact: [ profile] yazooairspace yazooairspace @ AIM
Other Characters: Luke fon Fabre ([personal profile] fony)

Character Name: Neku "Blue" Sakuraba
Age: 15
Canon: The World Ends With You*
Canon Point: After defeating the Wizard of Slam
Character Information: *This is a Neku from a parallel universe, one that two characters from the ‘main' universe actually visit and that is important to game events. So it's still the same canon, just a slightly different version of it. Here is general info on the universe and here is the ‘main’ Neku’s wiki page.

Also to avoid confusion, this Neku will be referred to as ‘Blue’.

Personality: Neku Sakuraba is an antisocial and unfriendly young man, who would like nothing better than to be able to ignore everyone in the world and have everyone ignore him. This would be entirely uninteresting if there weren’t another Neku Sakuraba with an entirely opposite personality in another world just a few steps away.

That Neku Sakuraba--also known as Black-n-Blue or just Blue--is an optimistic and (relatively) cheerful young man, who loves his city, his life, and everyone in them. While more introverted than not, he’s at least friendly to those he ends up interacting with in his daily life, even if he does question their choices or behavior sometimes.

Sometimes, Blue gets what he refers to as ‘emo urges’, where he’ll feel down on life in general, but unlike his counterpart, he chooses to go find something to distract himself from said urges, whether it be harassing people for Tin Pin matches or just going out and finding new things to look at, do, or explore. Tin Pin is his usual go-to for distraction, as well as his main hobby. He’s an excellent player and will happily chat about the game and related topics if given the chance.

Otherwise, Blue is fairly quiet. He’s outwardly friendly and cheerful, but tends to mentally judge others on everything from their clothing to their speech. Because of this, it’s very often he won’t share his real thoughts unless he’s very opposed to or excited about something. For the most part, he goes along with whatever’s thrown at him, either out of curiosity or lack of anything else to do, and shows a fairly laid-back attitude towards weird happenings. It’s very likely that he shares his intelligence and creativity with Neku, but Blue seems to prefer to let others notice things on their own, only pointing things out or offering what he knows if the former idea isn’t working.

This might be due to having a very active imagination--sometimes losing himself in thoughts of what could happen or might happen in any given situation--allowing him to find something interesting (if not fun) in whatever stuff he’s managed to get roped into. Sometimes, he gets carried away with his imaginings and assume a scenario has gone the way he thought and will react accordingly, leading some to believe he’s flipped out over nothing.

Part of his attitude--and difference in personality between him and the ‘other’ Neku--might possibly be his reaction and support after the death of one of his friends, an event hinted to have happened to both Neku and Blue around the same time. While Neku withdrew out of guilt and isolated himself from the world, Blue was approached by Sanae Hanekoma, who chatted with him and helped improve his mood. He still felt guilty about his friend’s death--which became an ‘emo urge’ trigger of sorts--but he decided that it wasn’t worth moping about and life was better spent doing other things. He eventually discovered that Hanekoma and CAT were one and the same. It’s not stated whether he was interested in CAT before talking with Hanekoma, but either way, his attitude reflects CAT’s motto--'enjoy every moment with all you've got’--very well.

5-10 Key Character Traits: Friendly, quiet, flexible, restless, adaptable, loyal, optimistic, somewhat of a loner, skeptical
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, or EITHER? Fits!
Opt-Outs: Wendigo, Kelpie, Faerie, Arachne, Goblin, Gargoyle (because of Luke)

Roleplay Sample: Test drive threads!

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